[clug] Exercise and pay the bills! [SEC=PERSONAL]

Roppola, Antti - BRS Antti.Roppola at brs.gov.au
Tue Feb 10 00:58:28 GMT 2009

Alex wrote:

> PS: There is an "airline" adaptor available for the MacBook, which has
a connector
> on it that *looks* like a cigarette lighter fitting. Don't be fooled
:)  Airplanes
> supply 16.6V to the connectors, while cars produce a maximum of about
14V. I think
> the MacBook can handle up to 20V, so I'm not sure that connecting it
directly to a
> 24V supply would be a good idea - though avoiding the DC -> inverter
-> AC -> power
> pack -> DC conversion sounds appealing.

When I fixed a broken AirPort base station I picked up at CLUG, I found
the voltage
regulator was actually pretty tolerant of input voltage. What had failed
was the caps
feeding it, they were actually quite a bit smaller than the ones
recommended for that
particular regulator. I'd guess the further you deviate from the
recommended, the less
time you'll get from the part.

Light & electronics are low power consumption. It's just devices that
create heat that
are hungry (toasters, kettles, incandescent bulbs).


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