[clug] Re: Exercise and pay the bills! (linux Digest, Vol 74, Issue 5, Messages 2&9)

Michael Still mikal at stillhq.com
Mon Feb 9 04:37:11 GMT 2009

Steven Hanley wrote:

> There was an open garden mentioned in the paper over the weekend where the
> family has something like 24 different fruit trees, 8 or 9 vegetable
> producing garden beds and chickens in their yard all situated on their
> suburban block in Turner or O'Connor. Combine that with shopping for the
> remaining needs (by bike) at the north lyneham local produce shop and you
> will be getting damn close I reckon.

Don't forget the water use and scary chemicals associated with a lot of
fruit trees. For example, you're required by law to control pests with
apple trees, and the most common way is to spray.


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