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Paul Wayper paulway at mabula.net
Mon Feb 9 03:35:15 GMT 2009

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Michael Still wrote:
| So true. Note that the carbon output associated with one burger is
| massive as well. You'd be better off eating a local vegetarian. I hear
| that Steven Hanley is grain fed.

True, but according to
he's been declared out of season.  If I could harness him for energy
production, though... :-)

Apropos of the discussion of the energy in food vs the energy used in its
production, I heard that the Macquarie Dictionary added the word "locovore" to
its catalogue this year, to define those who eat foods sourced locally.  So
knowledge of the real energy costs in food production is spreading.  I'd
generally argue that it takes a very specialised diet and a very dedicated
dieter to be able to make the amount of energy you get from your food greater
than the amount used to transport it.  (You're never going to be able to get
as much energy from the food as what it took to _grow_ it, so that point is moot).

Having fun off the topic,

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