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Paul Wayper paulway at mabula.net
Sat Feb 7 21:59:19 GMT 2009

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steve jenkin wrote:
| Most people can work @ 100W for an hour. Elite cyclists can go 400-500W.
| At 15c/kwHr you'll need to get friends in to make cash on the deal.

Not so.  The feed-in tariff we have in the ACT is unique (AFAIK) in that it is
paid on gross power production, not net.  So every KWHr I generate gets me 3.8
times the going rate (i.e. 58c/KWHr), no matter when I generate it or how long
it takes me.  So, yes, if I generate 100 watts in an hour then that's just
earned me 5.8 cents, and after a month of those hour-long sessions I'll have a
grand total of $1.70.  Some people might say 'who cares?' - I say 'every
little helps'.  If I use 100 watts in an air-conditioner to cool me down while
doing that, I'm still ahead, because the feed-in is paid for gross production,
not net.

The real reasons, of course, are wanting to put that work to actual use rather
than heating up a belt or resistor, and because it's a fun technological

Have fun,

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