[clug] Where's Wally?

steve jenkin sjenkin at canb.auug.org.au
Thu Dec 31 22:47:48 MST 2009

Paul Wayper's comment/question today about the location of "Brad Hards
USB Hard Drive Of Open Source Goodness (or BHUSBHDOOSG)" made me think
there's an easy way for it to be tracked...

Create a thread on the CLUG list and each person who passes on or takes
the BHUSBHDOOSG replies to the thread...

That way updates might be organised and swaps/access arranged.

Someone like Bob Edwards, Steven Hanley or any other likely candidates
could become the Keepers Of the Disk when its not actively allocated.

But I don't know...
The list/group is self-organising and works quite well that way :-)

And volunteering Bob or Steven for a job is not mine to do...

Happy New Year to everyone...


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