[clug] Seasonal USB dongle fun

Andreas Bauer baueran at rsise.anu.edu.au
Thu Dec 24 17:36:55 MST 2009

Seasonal greetings everyone,

I bought an Optus/Huawei (lsusb says its an e220 although the stick
itself has e160e printed on it) broadband pack and am now having a bit
of trouble getting it to work although the system seems to, in
principle, detect and support the modem (kernel 2.6.31).

So I tried starting pppd manually and via wvdial, but with similar

I am basically using the commands

  "" ATZ
  OK "ATD*99***1#"

to connect, and the syslog shows that, indeed, CHAP authentication
succeeded, but 1 second later I get a "Modem hangup" and "Connection
terminated".  :-(

I know that these modems were discussed on the list a fair bit before,
but not the actual configs to get them run, I don't think.  So would
someone be so nice as to posting their ppp chat script and/or wvdial
config?  I am a bit lost and googling didn't show up anything obvious
I may be doing wrong...

Many thanks,


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