[clug] OpenOffice

Jessica Fryer jessicanumber at gmail.com
Sun Dec 20 21:03:44 MST 2009

I'm one of those office girls who has to be across office productivity
software and have usually used open office at home (from the days when it
was Star Office) so I'm happy to give any advice on specific tasks.  My
guess is that there should be general info available online in tutorials.

My understanding is that Gnumeric is much better than Base so the community
effort has gone that way - but I have no first hand experience with Gnumeric
because I haven't felt the need to go to something else.

I've also had some experience of trying to get the Microsoft files to work
in OO and vice versa and all I can say about that is good luck! Things get
REALLY weird when I try to send complex documents home to work on!


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