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Ian Munsie darkstarsword at gmail.com
Mon Dec 14 20:35:16 MST 2009

I'm using 2x Aten CS62DU daisy-chained together, which I bought for
around $80 each from ebay.

They handle DVI-D fine (ie, digital which is probably what you want,
they are not DVI-I or DVI-A).

They support USB with two ports (which they also use to power
themselves) - one is special and needs a keyboard plugged into it to
support the hotkey switching, the other is generic and can handle any
USB device, typically either a mouse or USB hub.

They also handle switching stereo sound output and a microphone input.
Sound can be switched independently of the KVM part with hotkeys to
allow sound being played from one box while interacting with another.

Only drawback of this model is that it adds some low amplitude high
frequency interference to the audio, however I find that as long as I
don't have my speakers near full volume (instead amplifying at the
mixer) the interference is inaudible, but YMMV. I would not be
surprised if similar interference is added to the microphone, but I
have not tested that.

The actual KVM is a fairly small box in the middle of the cables
(cables are not removable in this model) and therefore sits out of the
way. In addition to the hotkey switching capabilities, it also comes
with a "remote" button to switch inputs (not remote as in wireless,
remote as in it has a cable between it and the switch so you can sit
it next to your keyboard instead of having to reach for the KVM
itself), though using the button audio cannot be switched

Hotkeys are:
scroll lock, scroll lock, enter - same as pressing the button -
switches everything*
scroll lock, scroll lock, s, enter - switch audio, but not KVM part
scroll lock, scroll lock, k, enter - switch KVM, but not audio
scroll lock, scroll lock, x, enter - Changes the hotkey from scroll
lock to control (I do this on my second switch so the hotkeys do not

* unless audio was on a different input to the KVM, in which case only
the KVM is switched.

Manufacturers details are at:


On Sat, Dec 12, 2009 at 3:12 PM, steve jenkin <sjenkin at canb.auug.org.au> wrote:
> anyone using a KVM that handles DVI natively?
> VGA + usb KVM's are cheap & plentiful...
> From a quick on-line check, ~$200 for a DVI KVM :-(
> Any reason they're expensive, apart from 'new and premium'?
> I can't get a new machine to work with a VGA adaptor, have to 'consider
> my options'.
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