[clug] e-voting on Science Show

steve jenkin sjenkin at canb.auug.org.au
Fri Dec 11 19:19:41 MST 2009

The ABC Science Show had an interesting piece on secure electronic
voting today.

Dr James Heather of Surrey.
(PhD 2000. "Oh! Is it really you?--Using rank functions to verify
authentication protocols."


They've built a working "Prêt à Voter" system.
Printed forms, marked in 'pencil' and torn in half after voting.
Randomised candidate list of the left, vote on the right - which is torn
off and scanned (franked & returned to voter), while candidate list is

The trick is a crypto-encoded number printed on the part kept.

Needs a number of co-operating 'tellers' to recover the unencrypted value.
Voters can verify on-line their vote against their printed copy.


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