[clug] Sponsor school award

Jessica Fryer jessicanumber at gmail.com
Tue Dec 8 19:15:20 MST 2009

Hi everyone

I thought about it played around with cute design elements like funky
rectangles and colour gradients but basically the easiest way to get a high
quality result regardless of the printer is to skip gradients and stay with
bold blocks of single colours.  (Even the best professional print shops have
trouble getting a smooth gradient.)  The obvious design elements to include
are Tux and the school logo - in addition I chose a border although you may
have other ideas.

I've stuck with the school colours because I love them and they match very
well with Tux.  I've deliberately avoided black and yellow so that he will
be eye-catching.

I'm a little shy to throw out something that still obviously needs a little
work (layout, choice of wording etc) but what does everyone think of the
concept? What words are appropriate? Also what's the name of the student
who's winning? Are we allowed to say here or Chris do you want to email me

I've supplied XCF files for GIMP users so that you can contribute (open
source design) but if you don't have GIMP handy please feel free to comment
on the attached PNG files and I will incorporate your ideas.

Best wishes

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