[clug] Recommended cabling person?

Chris Smart mail at christophersmart.com
Tue Dec 8 05:16:25 MST 2009

2009/12/8 Rod Peters <rpeters at pcug.org.au>:
> That may not be the best topology, if they are getting a fixed line installed.
> TransACT hard-wire a splitter at the barge board and run a dedicated ADSL
> line from there to customer's chosen location.  There may be some advantage
> in minimising the length of voice grade cable, particularly for ADSL2+.

Hey Rod,

Thanks for the suggestions. They are on a pre-existing Telstra line
and going to Naked ADSL2+ which means that the router needs to be next
to the phone line, which needs to be next to the phone (running off

They don't want the main phone next to the TV in the lounge room and
there's no other phone port in the house.

I also need to get their primary PC connected to the switch on the
router, so I just figured the easiest thing would be to run a external
phone cable under the floor to the computer room and do it all from

If there's a better way I'm all ears!


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