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steve jenkin wrote on 8/12/09 7:18 PM:

<snip sj's blah, blah, blah>

> I'll second Sam, "what they said". Easy to write data, harder to get
> it back.

I meant to also include a ref back to that Oracle RAC debacle with
Microsoft/Sidekick/T-mobile in October.

My Oracle DBA mate commented:

> I can conceive of ways this could happen without resorting to a
> sabotage theory. eg: Oracle RAC using Oracle ASM (file system) on SAN
> device, plus RMAN backups to ASM on SAN device.

One of the massive exposures of all Enterprise Backup systems is the
'catalog' database used to track all files, versions and media.

If you lose the catalog, game-over...
Plausible explanation for the T-mobile/Sidekick debacle.

All components were individually robust and recoverable, but it couldn't
bootstrap from cold. Ooops.

The first time I investigated NetApp snapshots I was blown away.

For transactional DB's/filesystems, they're a perfect point-in-time
recovery system... Snapshots are at the heart of the architecture, so
you know immediately if they break. NetApp also puts a lot of effort
into continuous data checking. Nice if you've got $$$$.

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