[clug] Neat Backup Solutions for desktops...

Andrew Janke a.janke at gmail.com
Tue Dec 8 01:36:40 MST 2009

> In my professional life, I can't remember once when I was able to
> recover from backups easily/simply - sometimes, or at all.
> This includes using commercial products & server-grade drives/media.


In short I am yet to find a tape based system that doesn't break right
when you need it. Especially in situations like having to first get
the machine back to a state where it can talk to a fibre based SAN to
read the data in the first place.  (Origin 3800 system + L180
storagetek with FC LTO3's) There was no option to have a backup system
to read from the tapes as the backup was IRIX based and there was no
second machine. To buy said second machine would have cost

Similar stories on various other tape systems and is the reason why
these days I predominately use spinning disks to mirror/backup. I have
never understood the attraction with tapes, disks also make encryption
easy with LUKS.

The worst data recovery effort I can remember being involved in was
extracting about 5TB in a SGI DMF thing that was simply "broken".
About a month later....

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