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Sam Couter sam at couter.id.au
Tue Dec 8 00:28:51 MST 2009

Daniel Pittman <daniel at rimspace.net> wrote:
> "Alastair D'Silva" <alastair at newmillennium.net.au> writes:
> > One problem with streaming encryption is that if you have any data
> > corruption, data from that point on is lost.
> Most of the encrypting done via a pipe is "streaming" only by choice, because
> you selected an inappropriate feedback mode.  You could use a mode like ECB
> that trades off some types of security in return for per-block protection.

What he said.

Also, compression usually has the same risk, where the compressed stream
is invalid after the corrupted byte.

In Amanda's case, each filesystem is compressed and encrypted
separately, so other filesystems on the same media won't be corrupted by
one stray cosmic ray.
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