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Roppola, Antti - BRS Antti.Roppola at daff.gov.au
Wed Aug 26 18:55:44 MDT 2009

I was using IPCop for a long time and found that it did anythig I
needed: port forwarding, DMZs, VPN &c.

I eventually replaced it with a solid state appliance as my low power
pizza-box had developed a number of terminal hardware faults. My other
half couldn't tolerate the screeching fan, and we both got really
annoyed by the dry solder fault that developed on the built-in NIC. The
appliance is also a lot smaller.

In my mythical free time I will replace the appliance with a Linksys 54
running Openwrt. Mainly because the appliance makes implementing an
internal home DNS more fiddley. That or just shift DNS to my fileserver.


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On 26/08/09 14:13:05, Ian McLeod wrote:
> Seems a better solution to set up home VPN is to bridge the modem to a

> dedicated OS..

> Seems there is SmoothWall and ClarkConnect free editions and something

> called Devil Linux..
> Any experience with these things?

There are a plethora of specialist firewall distros. Virtually all work
as good as, or better than, their most expensive proprietary

To give you an idea of how robust these f/w distros are, I have been
using IPCop for about a decade now to protect my SOHO LAN. My f/w
usually runs 24/7, and here on the coast the salt air plays havoc with

My f/w is now a sealed unit without a HDD. I no longer have any f/w

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