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Sam Couter sam at couter.id.au
Mon Aug 24 06:41:26 MDT 2009

Ian McLeod <ianmcleod75 at gmail.com> wrote:
> I recorded a few tracks with TangoGPS and have got as far as
> importing to JOSM to update OSM... have you got this far?

Yes, although I used Maemo Mapper to create the GPX tracks. If you're
using a netbook or laptop instead of a tablet, JOSM can read from gpsd
to create your track instead of needing to import it.

I recommend that you join the talk-au mailing list for further
discussion on OSM matters:


As you may expect, quite a few of the mailing list regulars are Linux
users. Netbooks are also popular.

> Navit was ok except it suggested a route from Bungendore to Moruya
> via some dirt road - so clearly some layer describing road speed or
> something is required.  Does OSM handle this attribute?

Did it choose the Araluen road? That's my preferred route on the
motorcycle. Not so much fun in a car, but certainly drivable.

I just tried Bungendore to Moruya, Navit chose the Kings Highway as I'd
expect. The map you're using is important.

I think Navit's preference for a road is that each classification of road
(motorway, trunk, primary, etc) gets a route weighting. The <roadprofile>
tags in navit.xml specify weightings and expected speeds for each
classification. I don't think I've ever modified these, and I seem to
get sane routes.
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