[clug] 'Gifting' to and Volunteering on FOSS projects.

Alex Satrapa alexsatrapa at mac.com
Thu Aug 20 18:57:38 MDT 2009

On 21/08/2009, at 09:28 , Arjen Lentz wrote:

> I haven't solved that one yet, but my current suggestion is to  
> replace the "Download" button with a "I accept this gift" label. A  
> surrounding (short) text can clarify, and of course it'll only work  
> if the project is then clear with asking for its return favour.

Perhaps we need a peer-to-peer distribution system, and encourage  
people to set up their host as a (bandwidth/data limited) host as a  
way of contributing to the project.

Replace the "Download" button with "Host This" :)


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