[clug] GPS on Linux

Ian McLeod ianmcleod75 at gmail.com
Wed Aug 19 05:53:59 MDT 2009

Been having fun with GPS applications - Navit is a good contender once I 
can actually get it to work - as it apparently has some navigation 
capability but requires manual configuration through an xml file to 
start with not much guidance.  There are some windows apps that work 
under Wine too apparently.

TangoGPS is for tracking only although it can record a route to upload 
to OSM? OSM is surprisingly comprehensive from what I can see - for our 
coast trip this weekend to Narooma past Batemans Bay (real rural GPS'ing 
off the beaten track) - all streets checked so far are in there.  So now 
I just need to work out what software I can use and what is the best.

I should get the GPS dongle tomorrow, and I pick up a car laptop power 
supply from Jaycar on Friday for $70 (steps up to variable voltages up 
to 24v and quite a few amps too).

The BU-353 is quite accurate from what I can see too.

Well I'm open to suggestions anyway - I'm getting quite interested in 
this kit GPS concept and the databases that can feed in to it.

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