[clug] Two (perhaps simple) shell questions.

Andrew Janke a.janke at gmail.com
Tue Aug 18 06:59:04 MDT 2009

> I think a python script would be better (see the multiprocessing stuff), but if
> you want to do this with posix / shell commands, perhaps what you really want
> is to set atd to run at a load of 7.5 or similar, and then submit the whole
> lot with batch.

I have my mind more set on number of processes than load if only
because load is such a difficult thing to track. Over how long do you
average, does it count is a job is waiting on I/O, etc etc.

>> My only thought was to use make -j8 or the likes...
> If you want something more than batch, perhaps Generic NQS would be worth
> installing.

Ah, well for real stuff I use sun grid engine.  Those on Debian/Ubuntu
have had their SGE install made a whole lot easier in the last year or
so.  All you need to do is this:

# install the software (for a single host)
$ sudo apt-get install gridengine-master gridengine-client gridengine-exec

# add yourself as a manager
$ sudo qconf -am <username>

# add a queue
$ qconf -aq all.q
(edit things if you want -- I usually change the shell to sh instead of csh)

# add your own machine as a submit host (so that you can submit jobs)
$ qconf -as <hostname>

# then submit a job
$ qsub fred.sh

# the see how it is doing
$ qstat -f

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