[clug] Suggestion for a good UML 2.0 drwaing tool

David Tulloh david at tulloh.id.au
Fri Aug 14 20:22:31 MDT 2009

Mike Carden wrote:
> Hi Naveen.
> I did Software Analysis And Design last semester and looked around for
> similar tools at the time. I found that either Dia or Inkscape fit the
> bill for me at different times. Mostly the tools are good for sharing
> diagrams with your colleagues by email. Otherwise it's hard to beat a
> huge piece of paper and a pencil.
I also find doing it on the computer better for archiving, my electronic 
filing is much better than my paper filing.  I've basically adopted the 
practice of throwing anything on paper away and only storing files.

I've always used Dia.  For UML there is a UML set of controls in the 
bottom area, they do almost everything I need.


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