[clug] Looking for a netbook

Ian McLeod ianmcleod75 at gmail.com
Tue Aug 11 22:19:37 MDT 2009

Chris Smart wrote:
> I wasn't going to give my 2 cents on this matter, but there are a few
> things that I can convey after using an EeePC myself.
Good points, thanks!  The newer models all have 10 inch screens and 6 
cell batteries, although all seem fairly well attached to the XP license 
thing.  I suppose it's OEM so no point being pedantic about it if it 
only costs a little extra (could be handy in a pinch, who knows, and 
wife may feel more comfortable having a dual boot if needed although she 
actually explicitly asked I put Ubuntu on it - she liked her first 
laptop that had only that on it - it ran so fast).

I'm leaning toward the MSI Wind now - $700 spec'd up with 2 year 
warranty, 2GB RAM, 6 cell battery, etc.  Do the 'eeePC USB TV Tuner' USB 
sticks work in Linux?  The MSI can come with one.

Oh and it is Atom based too - they all seem to be now.

Now my wife is asking why I'm pushing for two.

When I get one, I would really like to learn how run a virtual session 
back to the home beast using VNC or whatever, I presume it is not too 
difficult to do?  Even if a session is already using the main PC, and I 
want to run a second lower resolution independent session to the 
netbook?  Mobile and VPN'ing back to our home PC would be FANTASTIC.

What are 3G USB phone and dongle modems like in Linux?  Tempted to get 
one of those pre-paid packs although my Three account comes with 1GB / 
month which would be fine for me to use as a virtual desktop back home?  
But I doubt Nokia phones would be supported in Linux as a modem?

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