[clug] Looking for a netbook

Ian McLeod ianmcleod75 at gmail.com
Tue Aug 11 16:56:17 MDT 2009

Anthony David wrote:
> Then you need the netbook pro for $40 more
> http://www.kogan.com.au/shop/kogan-agora-netbook-pro/
Well it's cheaper than the similarly specc'd eeePC (no surround sound or 
802.11n but I'm not sure that's a major issue).  Presume it saves money 
on licensing - watch MS release 'Windows 7 Express' or something to 
penetrate this emerging market.

What's interesting is the OS behind it


I actually trust Microsoft more than I trust Google (yes it's true - I 
think Microsoft have paid their dues in all fairness while Google 
stampedes along), so I'm not entirely comfortable with the gOS concept 
(I wonder if it is *all* open source though), however it seems to be 
'compatible' with Ubuntu or that gOS is actually a customised Ubuntu.

Very interesting..

Experiences / thoughts anyone?  I'm now tending toward this, in fact I 
want two.

I wonder how it goes with sophisticated online Flash games for kids.

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