[clug] version control help with behaviour driven development?

Daniel Pittman daniel at rimspace.net
Mon Aug 10 19:04:41 MDT 2009

Alex Satrapa <alexsatrapa at mac.com> writes:

> In Behaviour Driven Development, we build specifications (aka "tests") to
> define the behaviour of our program, then write the program to match the
> spec.


> I'm thinking that with git-svn I can use my local "master" branch to pick and
> choose what patches go into the svn-tracking branch, then  rebase the tracking
> branch so that both those changes become one,  which I then dcommit to the
> subversion system.

It is easier than that with git: use 'rebase -i' to merge the commits after
the fact, and before you 'git svn dcommit' them, into the state you want.

No need to have a separate branch and use cherry-pick or whatever, just
rewrite that history into something coherent when you get to that stage.

> Would the same trick work with git, assuming there was an external git
> archive that was the "official" published version?

Sure, and just as easily.  Substitute 'git push' for 'git svn dcommit' above.

> Has anyone used Bazaar enough to know if a similar thing is possible in that
> environment?

I don't know how much help Bazaar can be, but there is no technical reason you
can't do it that way.  Worst case you can export as patches, then apply both
at the same time to your new "upstream" branch.

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