[clug] [FOR SALE (at $0)] Via-based computer

Brad Hards bradh at frogmouth.net
Sat Aug 8 21:03:28 MDT 2009


I'm cleaning up my home network, and have a few things to spare. If anyone can
make use of them, just let me know. [I'm probably not going to be at PSIG this
week, but can bring them to CLUG. Alternatively you can collect them from
Farrer or Russell Offices.

1. Via "EPIC" based computer. I used it as a firewall until last night, but
runs off external 12V supply, so potentially good for a vehicle system -
haven't really looked at it for that though. 256M RAM, 20G hard drive, CD-ROM
drive. Appears to work - I re-installed IPCOP this morning and it looked OK,
although no promises about reliability - it is old. 

2. Apple Airport Express Base Station. Model number A1088. Also worked until
removal last night.

3. Samsung 19" LCD monitor. Model 193T. Powers up but otherwise probably
broken - doesn't detect video on either VGA or DVI ports. I'm planning to recycle
it next weekend
unless there is some particular interest.


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