[clug] Programmer Competency Matrix

steve jenkin sjenkin at canb.auug.org.au
Thu Aug 6 23:34:02 MDT 2009

This is part of a larger programmer interview process:

What do people think of this approach?
What about their sections and classifications?

My comments from elsewhere.

Exactly this is the sort of thing that should've come out of Software
Engineering, now 40 yrs old. As a discipline it's a waste of time, a
failure... It isn't universally used/practised, which means it doesn't hit the mark, or hasn't taken time to prove that it is a superior approach.

FOSS - coders just get on with it.
Larger, better projects require contributors to achieve quite high
scores in the important areas of this competency matrix. NOT accidental.

And this work is visible - it gives newcomers excellent models/examples
and mentors to learn from.

This is one of the Hidden Advantages/Secret Powers of FOSS.

If Engineering is *not* Research & Theory, but Applied Science, then
Software Engineering starts with good working code that is transformed
into Applications and Business Systems...

Which implies that to teach it, you have to use a large codebase:
 "Use The Source, Luke"

Which is FOSS..

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