[clug] DNS + CNAMES + sendmail...

Andrew Janke a.janke at gmail.com
Wed Aug 5 20:21:30 MDT 2009

>> When I last wrestled with bind CNAMES can't have MX records.
> They can't, and recent bind will warn you about it.  The *standard* behaviour
> is that the sender will resolve the CNAME and then perform MX resolution, so
> the MX record that matters is attached to 'mary.blix.com.au'.

Thanks all for the pointers, in the end I went for "sizeable pain" and
turned the CNAME into a A record and the existing A into a CNAME as
per suggestions.

I have learnt a number of new and wonderful things about sendmail in
the last 24 hours.

> They most certainly are not.  Running an MTA is not entirely trivial, but the
> rules are both reasonably simple and written down.


Thanks again.

Andrew Janke
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