[clug] DNS + CNAMES + sendmail...

Andrew Smith andrew at coolchilli.com
Wed Aug 5 18:12:56 MDT 2009

Hi Andrew,

Andrew Janke wrote:
> So first question:
> 1. Should I just give up, dump the CNAME and change mary.blix.com.au
> to bob.blix.com.au and go through a (sizeable) amount of pain making
> everything work..
Nope, that isn't necessary.
> If no.
> 2. How can I make sendmail rewrite the To: field to what I want?
> (username at bob.blix.com.au)
No rewrite is required.  Presumably the mailboxes are all on 
mary.blix.com.au?  You need both host names in 
(/etc/mail/)local-host-names so they are treated as local.

Direction of the email address to mailbox is done through virtusertable:
user1 at bob.blix.com.au      user1
user2 at mary.blix.com.au   user2

Michael James wrote:
> When I last wrestled with bind CNAMES can't have MX records.
Actually, MX records can't have CNAMES and should point to a host that 
has an A record.  It's acceptable for a host to have both a CNAME and MX 


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