[clug] lightweight tool for creating PDA-style Apps

steve jenkin sjenkin at canb.auug.org.au
Tue Aug 4 23:34:34 MDT 2009

Daniel Pittman wrote on 4/8/09 11:27 PM:
> David Cottrill <cottrill.david at gmail.com> writes:
> ajaxterm, just sayin'
>         Daniel
> Why bother leaving the browser?

had lunch with a friend today & back in his office he fired up Google
Chrome browser... Impressive. Sometime has to become multi-platform.

Talking to him, I realised Daniel is right:

 Why leave the browser??

The problem/design becomes:
 - select DB/file backend
 - select scripting lang. for backend delivering HTTP
 - select off-line/remote-sync library/tools
 - use J/script, CSS etc in Browser as UI
 - implement functions incrementally
 - Happy User :-)

Leverages what works & you can find most everywhere.
Maybe in time could move to other platforms.

Gmail and gCal (?) could be mail/calendar...
But no rush to decide. Incremental devel.

Thanks to everyone for suggestions and not being put out by noise on the
I've finally Seen the Bleeding Obvious :-)

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