[clug] Yubikeys - group purchase?

Arjen Lentz arjen at lentz.com.au
Wed Apr 29 10:19:52 GMT 2009

Hi Miles, Bob,

On 29/04/2009, at 3:29 PM, Miles Goodhew wrote:
>> - a bluetooth Yubikey that looks like a bluetooth keyboard and
>> 	(hopefully) allows multiplexing with whatever other keyboard
>> 	widget or device the PDA is currently using

It'd need a battery, and bluetooth eats a lot of battery. Not a fan of  
this idea.
I like the simplicity of the Yubikey as it is, it's quite brilliant.

> 	Some Scandinavian countries are experimenting using mobile phones  
> as small payment enablers a bit like those micro-chipped credit- 
> cards like Chipknip (http://www.chipknip.nl/Pages/default.aspx).

I hope you weren't talking about Scandinavian countries like The  
Netherlands, because NL is not a member of that set ;-)

There's also a train service in the North of NL which allows you to  
pay for your train ticket over the phone by sending an SMS to a  
premium number. You then back a confirmation, which is what you show  
to the conductor. Quite nifty.

Regarding chipknip-style stuff (knip is a Dutch colloquial word for  
wallet) is apparently fast taking over markets and small retailers in  
The Netherlands at least, as it's very cheap to manage and they don't  
have to carry money. If that trend continues, physical money could  
disappear from at least sectors of the economy quite rapidly.

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