[clug] Yubikeys - group purchase?

Robert Edwards bob at cs.anu.edu.au
Wed Apr 29 04:36:44 GMT 2009

Miles Goodhew wrote:
> Hola!,
>     <disclaimer>
>     This email solicits money from people for tangible goods. I will not 
> make a profit from the transaction, I just want to help out other 
> CLUGgers reduce costs while getting learning aids/geek toys. I also have 
> no financial interest in the manufacturer, Yubico. If this premise is 
> not to your taste, please stop reading now.
>     </itsnotspamitsham>
>     You may remember Bob Edwards and Mike Carden banging-on about 
> Yubikeys (http://www.yubico.com/) earlier this month.
>     I had never heard of them before then, but really like the concept 
> and implementation. So I want to get one or two keys to test-out for 
> work purposes and was wondering if anybody else wanted to pitch-in on a 
> group order. Keys are normally US$25, but drop to US$20 in 10's, US$15 
> in 100's, etc. Plus the freight cost of US$15 is split (for orders up-to 
> 500 keys).
>     How they'd get distributed is another thing as I'm in Sydney most of 
> the week (It's a satellite suburb to the North of Canberra you may not 
> have heard of), I'm happy to organise an order and forward-on the 
> remainder to someone who _would_ be at a CLUG meeting for 
> redistribution. Alternatively someone might want to to the complement 
> and organise the order/distribution themselves and I can make other 
> arrangements to get my keys.
>     Any interest or volunteering?
> THX 1138,
> M0les.

Speaking of which, mine just arrived (about 3 weeks after ordering
them). I got 10, but they all belong to the ANU, who would find it
very difficult to "on-sell". Initial testing reveals that at least
two of them work as expected...

I also have an outstanding query with Yubico about solutions for
PDAs, in particular iPhones and Symbian OS based devices (like my
Nokia E71). Two possibilities come to mind:
  - some sort of applet/widget that implements the Yubikey protocol
	(open source) in software and just requires some sort of
	PIN to unlock
  - a bluetooth Yubikey that looks like a bluetooth keyboard and
	(hopefully) allows multiplexing with whatever other keyboard
	widget or device the PDA is currently using

Anyone aware of any extant solutions for such scenarios?


Bob Edwards.

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