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Owen wrote:
| Brendan Jurd <direvus at gmail.com> wrote:
|> `man`!
|> Every time you have to use a command you don't know, type `man <name
|> of command>`.  This will pull up the manual page, which should give
|> you all the necessary clueing up.  Read the man page, and when you're
|> done, use the command.
|> This single strategy is basically the golden key to learning
|> everything about working with Linux you'll ever need to know.  It
|> really is that straightforward.  Just `man` everything you come across
|> and it will come together.
| When I started down the linux path, a wiser person advised that linux,
| if nothing else, will teach you to read.


And read not only the man pages, but web pages on man pages, related topics,
howtos, news, and hacking notes.  Read "How to ask good questions".  Read the
source code.  When things fail, read up on how they failed; when things
worked, read up on why and how you can make it better.

I'd observe, however, that one still needs to find the right reading material.
~ I would never recommend "Programming Perl" to beginners, even beginners
learning Perl.  It explains precisely what things do, but most of the time not
what the best way to achieve a particular problem is.  However, "Learning
Perl" is useless for experts as it explains what how to go about solving
various problems in Perl, but not exactly what each command does.

But learning new things is essential.

Have fun,

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