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Lana Brindley lanabrindley at gmail.com
Fri Apr 24 00:47:33 GMT 2009


> It may surprise some people on the list - and be no surprise to others -
> that
> the first time I installed Linux on my own computer was in 2004 (it was
> Fedora
> Core 2).  I'd used Solaris for work before then but up until then I had
> always
> run Windows.
> The CLUG, in 2004, certainly felt like it had more of a barrier to a new
> Linux
> user - and one of the things I've tried hard to do in working for the CLUG
> is
> to dispel the notion that it's for serious, technical beards and the talk
> is
> all about kernel tuning and C libraries and networking protocols.  Almost
> everyone I speak to at CLUG these days would still say they're learning
> Linux
> - - because it's always changing, there's always something new, and helping
> others understand what we grok and learning what someone else knows is part
> of
> the fun!

CLUG still has a lot of barriers, although I certainly appreciate that work
that people like Paul are doing to help change that.

> On this note, I was thinking of having a "Linux for Newbies" night at CLUG
> -
> possibly next month if people are interested - where we get people to bring
> in
> their computers and we answer questions, and I or someone can give a brief
> overview of useful things like the file system, the GNOME interface, and
> how
> to install stuff.  This sort of format has been really successful in
> Melbourne
> and I'm keen to try it here.  If you're interested in a talk like this,
> please
> email me!

This is an awesome idea, and should be a regular feature, even if it was
only six-monthly. Paul, please keep me in touch, I would very interested in
helping out, and also with raising awareness amongst the greater geek
community. I'd also be happy to give a talk (on what, I have no idea, but
whatever you think might be useful), if that's what you need.

> We've also got the OLPC Hackfest planned for next month's PSIG - Pia, what
> should people bring?

> Have fun,
> Paul
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Cheers! Lana

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