[clug] [Job] Seeking linux support person (paid hourly rate for a small business)

John Brown info at johnbrown.com.au
Fri Apr 24 00:47:02 GMT 2009

I am a small business owner and Linux hobbiest who knows just enough 
about Linux to be dangerous.

I am looking for an on-call Linux support person paid on an hourly basis 
to initially fix up automounting of home folders, some permissions 
problems, and overall network security. Then, be available on call, 
especially if my staff experience problems when I am interstate / 
overseas. I expect that the such call-outs would be extremely rare, but 
it would be reassuring for my staff and I if they have someone to call. 
If I can't find such a person I may be forced to convert to Windows... 
which for some reason I really don't want to do.

My office network consists of 3 (soon to be 4) Ubuntu Intrepid computers 
one of which acts as a server. They are linked via a wireless network 
which includes 1 Windows computer (possibly replaced to Virtualbox or 
similar if the bugs can be worked out of it). Knowledge of 
Windows-to-Linux networking and Virtualbox etc is secondary. I'd be 
happy to just get the bugs out of the Linux part of things for a start.

Support would need to be provided on site in Civic. After-hours is fine.

Please EMAIL ME at info at johnbrown.com.au if you are interested (don't 
reply to this list)

If not, please forward this email to anyone who might be interested.



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