Fw: [clug] beginners path

Francis James Whittle fudje at grapevine.net.au
Thu Apr 23 08:26:41 GMT 2009

I don't think I can honestly say that I found CLUG before my movement
from "Linux newbie" to "The nerd at school advocating Linux to all his
uninterested friends and enemies alike."

That said, I've seen a lot of people come here when all else fails.
Internet forums are nice, but sometimes the only reasonable answer turns
out to be "Come to the next meeting and we can arrange walking you
through it."
That's the whole thing about local users' groups really.  If the mailing
list fails, the people on it are potentially close enough that they can
come around to your house and give you a hands-on demo.

On Thu, 2009-04-23 at 00:52 -0700, Dave Upton wrote:
> Hi Cluggers
> I am a new user and I am still coming tonight. 
> I looked for linux users groups and found this one.  No others but this
> one.  Maybe if I had explored PCUG I might have seen their support.
> Personally if you guys aren't going to help and you ARE the LUG then what hope is there for us newbies.  
> I
> came to Linux to get out of the Windows trap and I like my decision. 
> What will turn me away is not finding help.  I search forums and all
> manner of help sites to try and figure out my problems and have managed
> to fix a few.  However typing some obscure command in the terminal
> without explanation might fix the problem but it goes nowhere to
> furthering my understanding so I can figure stuff out for myself one
> day.
> It is a culture shock.  Things that used to work no longer
> do.  Making them work is not easy.  Finding someone who knows Linux and
> can explain it in almost plain English is not easy either.  If I can't
> sort it out myself that was my hope for this group that someone might
> take the time to explain it in understandable terms.
> Form an advanced LUG but don't fob off the newbies because without newbies there won't be any advanced users one day.
> Newbie Dave
> PS
> My apologies to Lana as I only sent this to her originally.

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