Fw: [clug] Flirting Techniiques For Men (Paul Wayper)

Robert Edwards bob at cs.anu.edu.au
Thu Apr 23 02:43:57 GMT 2009

Rod Peters wrote:
> On Wednesday 22 April 2009 22:00:34 Paul Wayper wrote:
>> Donald Benesch wrote:
>> | There's a lot of this type of email getting thru lately.
>> | I just today deleted 3.
>> | Don
>> I'm with you Don.  Is there any reason why we need this list to be writable
>> by non-subscribers?  If you want to post to the list, then subscribe - it's
>> that easy.  That way you see the replies to the list too.  The only people
>> who don't join the list before posting to it seem to be spammers and people
>> who want to ask questions about using Samba under Linux, and neither of
>> them seems interested in the replies...
>> Can the person who administrates the list - not I - please set it to
>> subscriber-only posting?
>> Thanks in advance,
> Agreed, why should we promulgate their spam.
> Some of the discussion in this thread advocates a need to have a point of 
> contact for Linux beginners.  Agreed, but I doubt that CLUG has many 
> beginners.  It appears to me that most are either IT professionals or IT 
> professionals in training.  It's hardly effective use of scarce Linux skills 
> for them to be stepping beginners through eg a distros "repartitioning 
> proposal".  After all, a typical Windows user hasn't the foggiest what a 
> partition is or why Linux needs more than C drive.
> I suggest that the CLUG subscription page redirect beginners to beginners 
> groups such PCUG Linux SIG and any others locally of which CLUGgers might be 
> aware.
> FWIW, our experience within PCUG Linux SIG is that a large proportion, perhaps 
> the majority, of beginners don't persist with Linux.  Difficult to say why, in 
> the absence of much feedback, but I suggest many aspects, often boiling down 
> to "comfort zone". 
> BTW, the PCUG Linux SIG redirect advanced users to CLUG.
> Rod

FWIW (is this "beginner" friendly language?), I vote that CLUG
acknowledges the value of having beginners in our midst (on the e-mail
list and at the meetings etc.) and that we all try and work a bit
harder at helping beginners overcome the cultural hurdles of joining
in with a group like CLUG.

If individual beginners prefer the PCUG Linux SIG to CLUG, that is
fine - each to his own, but I don't think that "CLUGgers" should
redirect beginners to another group other than to let them know
that other such groups exist.

CLUG does run install fests (we had one last year, need to start
planning another one, I'd think) and other ways to help out beginners.

But, at the end of the day, the beginner may also need to understand
that we are talking about free software and that they may need to do
a bit of work themselves if they really want to get the most out of
their shiny new FOSS distro. Many may choose that the work they have
already put into understanding their proprietry O/S of choice is
enough and they are not willing to invest any more time/effort into
understanding a FOSS alternative.


Bob Edwards.

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