[clug] WANTED: generic-type laptop power cable

Matthew Firth matthew.firth at matera.net.au
Mon Apr 20 23:04:54 GMT 2009


Does anyone have a spare generic IEC C5 to Australian 3-prong (AS3112/C112)  
power cable, as oft used for laptop power supplies. 

IEC C5 is the "mickey mouse" or "clover" style connector that has three 
circular holes grouped tightly together  (as opposed to IEC C13 with 
straight holes that plugs into the back of your computer or kettle).

I'm hoping someone here is either a bower-bird or threw their dead laptop
PSU and kept the cable.

Willing to exchange for coffee, cake or similar form of remuneration.  I
work in Civic but live Northside if pickup from home is easier for you.



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