[clug] Light entertainment for this morning (NBN)

Michael Ross michael.ross at atice.org
Sat Apr 11 10:51:38 GMT 2009

My first thought is that 100mbits will be the 'premium' speed that will come
with a 'premium' cost. I'd expect to see a range of speeds on offer - along
the lines of TransACT.

Secondly - while I'm not a Piers fan, I don't think he is too far off the
mark in this case. The recent announcement from the government only has two
good points:

(1) They actually listed to the 'experts' about what to do.
(2) They didn't commit Australia to a long drawn out painful FTTN build

Past that I don't think they have much else going for them. I'm reserving
my judgment until further information comes to light.

michael.ross at atice.org

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