[clug] Android developer phones?

Arjen Lentz arjen at lentz.com.au
Fri Apr 10 03:47:56 GMT 2009

Hi Michael

> Its not data that is eating your battery (although I suppose turning  
> it
> off would mean less radio time and therefore more battery life) --  
> it's
> 3G. 3G radios consume more power than 2G radios, even in voice mode.
> That's why disabling 3G extends battery life. Battery life complaints
> are common to all 3G phones. For example, the battery life of the  
> iPhone
> 3G is poor compared to the previous 2G version.

Righty - sorry I misread earlier.

Haven't had too much fuss with 3G eating battery overall, but the  
ability of switching off data sometimes is handy and it's a pity the  
G1 doesn't just allow it out of the box but requires a trick. Still,  

I suspect the 3 funny situation of 3G only will probably disappear  
with Hutchison and Vodafone merging.

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