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Andrew Janke wrote on 9/4/09 9:13 AM:
> http://www.news.com.au/story/0,27574,25309851-5007146,00.html

Bit light on with description... I hate blindly clicking on links.

BTW, for those that haven't heard the proposed funding model:
 - 51% FedGov, 49% Private investment.
    - Govt to sell share 5 years after completion
 - $4.7Bn FedGov appropriation (NBN funds),
    rest of Govt $20+Bn raised with debt (Infrastructure Bonds)

Around 8M households/dwellings - is that $5,500 per house?
Not sure how that compares to the Cable TV roll-out by Telstra/Optus.
[And I heard costing was based on 60% 'aerial cable', ie power poles]

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Article is thinly disguised/repackaged Liberal Party line.
Hack Journalism.

What he and nobody else has mentioned is $/Gb download costs.
10Gb/mth at 100Mbps doesn't allow for a couple of TV channels, and would
be consumed in 3hours... That's gotta change.

There was an interview last night on Lateline Business with AAPT's CEO,
Paul Broad.

He runs the numbers, says why AAPT didn't pitch for FTTN (not
commercial) and talks about what *is* needed and what would work


"Well if you project yourself 10 years ahead, you have a $43 billion
investment. On any sort of reasonable return, say of 10 per cent, you've
got to generate $4.3 billion just to make a return on the investment..."

-> He rolls that up to $8Bn/year for 8M dwellings - $1,000/year
   then leaps to $200/mth - $2,500/year... Hmmmm

"What it means is a large part of what they've proposed is really rational.
"You know, filling up the black spots, open access, absolutely right
thing to do.
"Getting speed into parts of the economy, where it hasn't got speed:
right thing to do.
"But, please, don't duplicate what's already out there."

"Well, part of the proposal is to spend $250 million filling the gaps,
and I think that's a really good idea.
"Part of their proposal is to have an open access regime - great idea.
"Part of their proposal, I think, is not to compulsory acquire;
 to allow the market to sort things out in terms of infrastructure
that's already there - great idea."

"we'll always participate. I think there's large parts of the plan I
totally agree with; this fibre-to-the-home and the economics of it, I

"If you're looking at the best decisions we could make, then it is
getting speed into hospitals, schools and other facilities which need
speed. Totally agree with that.
"But do you then go the next step and put fibre-to-the-home to meet a
demand which is not there today?
"And I don't see it being there in 10 years' time."

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