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On Thu, Apr 02, 2009 at 05:57:17PM +1100, Daniel Pittman wrote:

> jm <jeffm at ghostgun.com> writes:
> > jm wrote:
> >
> >> Does anyone know of any algorithms for speeding up searching of access
> >> control lists? Is there anything more efficient than a sequential search?
> In answer to your original question, sure there are more efficient ways.
> Use a better search algorithm, structure the tests so you can
> efficiently locate the applicable rules.  A trie or tree structure might
> work, if the memory locality issues don't kill you.

One neat way of slightly speeding up repetitive linear searches, when
you're truly stuck with them, is to use a rocking search.  This is
just a linear search which alterates between searching forwards and
backwards, recycling the first/last element as it does.  This gets you
down from O(mn) to O(m(n-1)) for n elements and m searches, which can
be useful if m is huge (particularly wrt to n).


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