[clug] access control list search algorithms

jm jeffm at ghostgun.com
Thu Apr 2 03:37:06 GMT 2009

jm wrote:
> Does anyone know of any algorithms for speeding up searching of access 
> control lists? Is there anything more efficient than a sequential search?
> Jeff.
I should elaborate. I'm mucking about with email trying to develop a 
progrom to give finer control over smtp delivery. My ACL is made up of 
senders and recipients with wildcards thrown in for good measure. For 

index        sender                           recipient    
1              fred at example.org         '*'                             
2              '*'                                  joe at example.org     deny
3             admin at example.org    '*'                               allow


  fred at example.org can send to anyone
  admin at example.org can send to everyone, but joe at example.org because it 
is blocked by rule 2
  no-one can send to joe at example.com

At least that's what I'm think of at the moment. if there's a better way 
to accomplish the samething feel free to suggest it as well.


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