[clug] Anyone bought an (Mvix?) Mbox or Know any dealers?

steve jenkin sjenkin at canb.auug.org.au
Sun Sep 28 03:59:39 GMT 2008

Yesterday at the Computer Markets yesterday, I came across a $299 (w/o
disk) Linux file server branded "Mbox". Looked sexy :-)

The same seller also had two "media players"  he was selling for $299 &
$399 - and Mvix and a 'Zest'. Don't know the model number of the Mvix.

Google for:
 "MBox NAS FTP webdisk"

A page from  www.mpcclub.com says it's an "MViX MBOX".
[a PDF review <http://www.mpcclub.com/banner_log.php?id=5109>]

iHubCentral has them on e-bay for $399:

I found 'Mvix', the company, sites:

But they don't have any product called 'Mbox' on there - thought the
logo and box design both look right.

Specs are probably 64 or 128Mb RAM.
I couldn't really see the CPU type or speed.


 - has anyone seen/heard of these before?

 - are they a good deal for other uses like small servers or hosting

Should I just get a Linksys NSLU or similar NAS?

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