[clug] Could this be done today? 1968: Doug Englebart's NLS (oNLine System)

Jason j.lee.nielsen at gmail.com
Wed Sep 17 00:43:38 GMT 2008

My immediate thought when I saw his cool keyboard, 'this would be perfect for a moko sized device', but then I realised no one over the age of 5 could get 5 figures comfortably across the screen, maybe a 4 key option would work with a row of sticky keys above the 4 binary keys. Does the Neo Freerunner have a multi touch screen or am I going to have to develop this on an iphone :P

What a shame that so many of the coolest ideas of today are actually from 40 years ago. I wonder if anyone will be looking at a demo from oz labs in 40 years thinking how cool it was we had all the basics down so long ago.

Any nominations for a timeless demo award?


> It's also a real pity that chording keyboards haven't taken off.  I'd
> love to have one of these to use with my phone:
> http://chordite.com/

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