Inaugural 'Eagle-Eye' Award [clug] Command of the Hour

steve jenkin sjenkin at
Wed Sep 17 00:13:53 GMT 2008

Robert Edwards wrote on 17/9/08 9:48 AM:

I'd like to propose Brett for the Inaugural "CLUG Eagle-Eye" award.
This had me chuckling this morning - really good fun!
[And isn't that a big chunk of our shared ethos?]

It really was quite spectacular - spotting the detail, with such speed.

The usual questions about 'awards':

 - how often?
 - who decides (being an anarchic collective, 'everyone'?)
 - what trophy?
 - special event, normal meeting, or just on-line?

Anyone got ideas for other *fun* awards??

 - best flame-bait
 - worst dressed geek
 - most pizza consumed in a sitting
 - best code or program [with a special category for Tridge  :-)]
 - longest thread
 - cutest toy or gizmo
 - Michael Still award for longest trip to a meeting
 - best and fairest website
 - ?????

> Brett Worth wrote:
>> 2008/9/17 Robert Edwards <bob at>:
>>> I usually use the 'mail' command to do the equivalent of what you are
>>> doing with 'log':
>>> bob at puddleduck:~$ mail bob at wherever -s Garden
>>> Need to prune the almond tree
>>> .
>>> bob at puddleduck:~%
>> Bob,
>> Does the mail command cause your shell to switch from bash to csh?
>> That's weird!!  :-)
> OK, you got me. A bit of careless cut and pasting which I fixed by hand.
> Should have gone back and re-selected the text. Boy - you are
> eagle-eyed!
> Cheers,
> Bob Edwards.

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