[clug] Linux on Palm

Alex Osborne ato at meshy.org
Mon Sep 15 23:59:48 GMT 2008

Hi Steve,
On 15/09/2008, at 11:04 PM, steve jenkin wrote:

> What happens for text input on Palm devices running it?
> Does 'graffiti' (sp?) still work?

No, well not Palm's implementation of it anyway.  You can use  
whatever text-entry method you can install, like an on-screen  
keyboard or Dasher or whatever.  The distro on kEdAR's page probably  
just has an onscreen keyboard.  I think there may be a Linux package  
for graffiti like handwriting recognition floating around somewhere,  
I've certainly seen a Qtopia install that did it, but I'm afraid I  
don't know what it's called, or whether it works with X11 as well.

> What about an IR keyboard?

If there's a linux driver for it.  The kbdd package has support for  
many of the more common IR keyboards:


It's fairly easy to write a driver for them as well.  I used to use  
one palm's fold-up IR keyboards with it several years ago.

>> 4. Initrd: /
>> http://kedar.palmlinux.cz/initrd.k106.gz

Oh one more point, in case it wasn't clear, leave this (and all the  
other files) compressed.  Just put them on your card as is.



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