[clug] Recommendations for Projector

Daniel Pittman daniel at rimspace.net
Sun Sep 14 01:11:04 GMT 2008

Rodney Peters <rodneyp at pcug.org.au> writes:

> I've been asked to acquire a new projector for a class room sized
> presentation room (7 m x 7m)
> The projection screen is quite wide at 3 m although only gyprock
> surface.  An earlier generaation LCD projector has been used in the
> room for several years.  Only significant issue has been that
> presenters have had to set large text & icon sizes on their desktop to
> achieve readablity.
> Any advice re two specific issues ?
> DLP versus LCD projectors

I would suggest an LCD *DATA* projector: most DLP, and movie / video LCD
projectors work hard to ensure that they don't have a grid formation in
the panel.

That is great for video footage, but not at all what you want for data
display, which sounds like it is what you are after.  The drawback -- a
"screen door" effect, is unlikely to be significant enough to make video
used in the classroom so bad that you want to avoid it.

(I have no specific experience with DLP data projectors, but can't see
 any reason why they would do better than an LCD for digital data.)

> the usefulness or otherwise of native widescreen formats (16:9)

More and more laptop and desktop video hardware is 16:10 native, so a
16:10 or 16:9 data projector is likely to be a closer match to what
people are used to.

> Any other general or specific recommendations?

Test the hardware carefully, in bright light, before you buy.

Find room in the budget for "screen paint", which is essentially a
decent paint designed for making projector screens.  Putting that on the
wall where this will project will make a *huge* difference, and the cost
shouldn't be too great.


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