[clug] [OT] What *is* Security?

steve jenkin sjenkin at canb.auug.org.au
Wed Sep 10 22:37:53 GMT 2008

Steve McInerney wrote on 11/9/08 1:09 AM:

> Ok. I can see the key problem we're having in this discussion clearly
> demonstrated in your quoted statements.
> You don't actually understand what security is and what it is for.

This is a question that resonates with me.

Recently I've been looking for a *formal* definition of 'security'
and that has led to puzzling over an informal definition.

If anyone has a *short* description/definition ("25 words or less") of
security, or can point to one - please send in your entries!

This is a fraught topic with so many destructive tangents, I want to
create light, not heat!

I'm not asking for a bunch of didactic statements and all sorts of
divergent and strongly held beliefs.

If you take issue with posts in this thread, please keep you public
responses short and respectful.

CLUG is a forum where people co-operate, share/inform and respect each
other. I'd much prefer "no responses" than cause a flame-fest.

Note: I do know something about (IT) 'security' in both the National
Secrets and commercial sense.

- Got my first 'clearance' (TS) in 1978
- created/signed cheques worth over $1B per year
- worked on Telco exchanges for 7 years
- worked on DSD specified system used for public ATO work

And my Dad worked on 'Ultra' during WWII with the precursor to DSD.
Nothing quite like living it :-/

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