[clug] The Install Fest approacheth!

Ian Bardsley ifb777 at tpg.com.au
Wed Sep 10 09:42:15 GMT 2008

Hi Paul

Happy to help wherever I can.

I'm currently playing with Mythbuntu 8.1 Alpha 4  on my test box (might 
have moved to beta by the 27th) and would be happy to bring this along 
if you see some value in having "bleeding edge" stuff available on the 
day.  Although only at Alpha 4 stage at the moment it is fully 
functional and quite stable with only a couple of outstanding bugs 
keeping it from being a "production model".  I'm very comfortable now 
with using this package to set up Mythtv in a backend/frontend 
configuration including Shepherd for Listings grabbing.

Let me know your thoughts


Ian Bardsley

Paul Wayper wrote:
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> Hi everyone,
> As I mentioned at the last CLUG meeting, I'm organising an Install 
> Fest for
> Saturday the 27th of September, a week after Software Freedom Day.  
> The bulk
> of the details are on http://softwarefreedomday.org/teams/Canberra and 
> anyone
> can edit them by registering, but the salient facts are:
> Where: ANU CSIT Room 101 (where the regular monthly meetings are held)
> When: 10AM -> 3PM Saturday 27th September
> What we will have:
> ~ * Plenty of power cables and power boards.
> ~ * Desks to set up on.
> ~ * Network to mirror.linux.org.au and mirror.aarnet.edu.au.
> ~ * Tea, coffee and snacks (at reasonable prices)
> What we need:
> ~ * People to come along and help.
> ~ * A few computers for demonstrating working Linux systems and 
> software (e.g.
> MythTV, games, Stellarium, etc.)
> Any level of experience is enough - even if you may think yourself 
> still a
> Linux newbie, having people to help other people is what will make the 
> Install
> Fest work.  No-one is expected to be an expert in everything, and 
> having more
> people means there's more likelihood that you'll have encountered that 
> problem
> that's niggling at someone else.
> Please let me know, or add your name to the page above in the Install 
> Fest
> section, if you're able to come and help.
> Please also let me know if you will be bringing any other people with 
> systems
> that will need installing.  The biggest question to me at this stage 
> is "how
> many people will come along?".  We'll be advertising this at the Software
> Freedom Day a week beforehand but the more advance notice I get the 
> happier
> I'll be :-)
> I'll also have fliers available soon that people can print and 
> distribute to
> their families, friends, work-mates, and other unsuspecting or 
> long-suffering
> acquaintances.
> Thanks in advance,
> Paul
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