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steve jenkin sjenkin at canb.auug.org.au
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Ian Matters wrote on 3/9/08 7:15 AM:
> Hi Peter.
> Off the top of head I'm pretty sure that the spec for mains voltage in
> Australia is 230V +/- 10% so the variations that you describe are within
> that spec.  Transients are a different matter though.  Maybe that's
> what's causing your problem.
> Cheers,
> Ian Matters
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Confirming this. (surprised me!)
230V and 240V have been 'harmonised'.


"As of the year 2000, Australia has converted to 230 V as the nominal
standard with a tolerance of +10% -6%.[5], this superseding the old 240V
standard, AS2926-1987.[6] As in the UK, 240 V is within the allowable
limits and "240 volt" spoken as "two forty volt" remains a synonym for
mains in Australian and British English."

Country Energy:

"In 1983 the International Electrotechnical Commission initiated a
program to achieve an international standard 50Hz supply voltage of
230/400 volts supply by 2003. On 23rd February 2000, a new Voltage
Standard, AS60038-2000, was published in Australia to replace the
previous 240V standard. This requires, under normal service conditions,
that the voltage at the point of supply should not differ from the
nominal voltage of 230/400V by more than +10%,-6%."

"Voltage drops occur within the customer’s installation due to load.
Hence the voltage range within the customer’s installation may exceed
the above limits at the point of supply. For low voltage
installations,this voltage drop is limited to 5%, in accordance with
AS/NZS 3000, therefore the total range of variation at any point within
a customer’s installation is +10%,-11%".

"However, Country Energy realises that this range of voltage may cause
concerns with the satisfactory operation of 240 volt appliances and will
therefore endeavour to maintain voltage to the point of supply at
230/400V, +10%, -2%. This range adheres to the limits of the previous
240V Australian Standard."

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