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Mon Sep 1 07:46:32 GMT 2008

Not wanting to blow my own trumpet (too much!), but I recently published a
Tuning Guide for the Red Hat Enterprise Realtime product. Of course, it
focuses on the product specifically, but the first chapter has some good
general tuning ideas too.

Linkee here:
PDF here:

Hope that goes some small way to help ...


2008/9/1 David Tulloh <david at tulloh.id.au>

> You can't get timing guarantees on a modern PC without a lot of effort
> (have a look at the realtime Linux work).  The PC just isn't designed
> for it, garbage collection is a fairly small issue compared to the
> scheduler.
> That said, a millisecond is a large time window to a processor so you
> should be able to get away without too much work depending on how
> critical the timing accuracy is to your application.
> David
> jm wrote:
> > You could turn GC off when needed.
> >
> > Jeff.
> >
> > Jason wrote:
> >>
> >> Never had to do something with millisecond accuracy though so don't
> >> know how well an interpreted language will cope with that, never know
> >> when those pesky garbage collectors are going to wake up or so I
> >> remember being told many years ago, might be fixed as an issue by now.
> >>
> >>
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